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We have been serving the area around Centerville, Tennessee since 1972 featuring support for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. We are located at 2966 Hwy 100 in Centerville, Tennessee. Call us at 931-670-5706.



Welding is what we are known for. It's what we do for broken equipment. We make new equipment and parts too. Sometimes we harden tools and equipment to make them last longer. Sometimes we work with steel, but there are many kinds. We have to be able to identify the different kinds because they have different welding requirements. Sometimes we work with aluminum. It's tricky to weld. Other times we encounter alloys of different types. We have the specialized equipment to weld, cut, shape, and treat even exotic metals. And, we can do it at our facilities or we can do it at your facilities thanks to our mobile stations.

We can fabricate a replacement metal hydraulic hose for you at far less cost than original equipment replacement parts. We offer a wide variety of rubber and metal hoses.


If you have an antique car or special automobile that needs restoration, we have the shop for you. We have the best equipment available to fix, weld, repair, or remanufacture the parts your car restoration requires. Our body shop can put it all together, paint it, shine it, and make it as good or better than new.


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